Ever feel like you don't even know what the question is asking you?

Try these resources to improve your performance on unusual questions.


Questions designed to help you solve unfamiliar problems. From Edexcel


Bronze 1 (F)    Bronze 2 (F)    Bronze  3 (F)    Bronze  4 (F)

Silver  1 (F)        Silver 2 (F)      Silver 3 (F)       Silver 4 (F)

Gold 1 (F)         Gold 2 (F)       Gold 3 (F)         Gold 4 (F)


Bronze 1 (H)    Bronze 2 (H)    Bronze 3 (H)    Bronze 4 (H)

Silver 1 (H)      Silver 2 (H)       Silver 3 (H)       Silver 4 (H)

Gold 1 (H)      Gold 2 (H)         Gold 3 (H)        Gold 4 (H)

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Problems of the Day

Brilliant questions that require you to apply your knowledge in unusual ways. From MathsHub